Apicoectomy Specialist

Lisa Tran, DMD

Endodontist located in New York, NY

Dr. Lisa Tran offers several endodontic procedures to save a tooth that is infected. She can perform an apicoectomy or root-end resection to effectively eliminate any infection that may remain within the pulp of the tooth. Located in New York City, Lisa D. Tran, DMD can offer these services to patients who live in many of the nearby communities. If you have had a root canal and are still experiencing pain, visit Dr. Tran's office to find out what she can do to relieve your pain and save you from losing your tooth.

Apicoectomy Q & A

What is an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is recommended when it becomes apparent that your first root canal didn't remove all of the infection. It's also possible that a new infection has found its way into the tooth through another avenue. Dr. Tran can use three-dimensional, digital imagery to identify potential areas of infection within the tooth. With that information in hand, she can determine what procedure is needed and if an apicoectomy is the most efficient course of action.

During an apicoectomy, Dr. Tran removes the root's tip, as well as any existing infections. A filling is placed over the end of the root to seal it permanently. That prevents the rest of your nerve from becoming infected and causing pain.

Why is the procedure necessary?

Dr. Tran uses the apicoectomy procedure to eliminate the pain and discomfort associated with an infection that's located inside your tooth. It's often the next course of action after a traditional root canal has been performed and subsequently failed. An apicoectomy offers effective results without damaging the upper portion of your tooth.

Dr. Tran will opt for an apicoectomy if the infection inside a tooth reappears. Apicoectomies are usually only performed after a previous root canal has been performed and was unsuccessful at eliminating the infection. Dr. Tran will be able to identify the signs if a root canal begins to fail. Once she notices these signs, she can re-evaluate your tooth and determine if an apicoectomy will provide the best possible results.

What are the benefits of an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy offers several benefits if used after the failure of a root canal procedure. This type of procedure can restore the ultimate integrity of your tooth. Once Dr. Tran stabilizes your tooth and eliminates the infection, many years are added to its lifespan.

Another benefit of an apicoectomy procedure is that it's performed beneath the gum line, so there is less risk of the exposed surface of your tooth experiencing any further damage that could result in an additional infection. Dr. Tran has access to digital technology that allows her to accurately determine where the infection lies within your tooth, enabling her to perform the procedure and provide effective results.