Root Canal Retreatment Specialist

Lisa Tran, DMD

Endodontist located in New York, NY

Root canal retreatment options are considered when a previous root canal procedure has failed. Dr. Lisa Tran and her staff offer different root canal procedures that are proven to be effective at eliminating the infection and reducing toothache pain. Located in New York City, Lisa D. Tran, DMD serves communities and neighborhoods in and around the city.

Root Canal Retreatment

Why do many root canals fail?

Not all root canals are successful. The inside of the tooth is full of tiny channels that are capable of harboring small pockets of infection. If a minuscule amount of an infection is left behind, it can compromise the results of the root canal procedure.

If a root canal is successful, the symptoms should be relieved almost immediately. After a few days, if the pain is still present, Dr. Tran may want to re-evaluate the condition of your tooth. Through the use of digital imaging, she can see small pockets of infection and identify where they are. She can perform another root canal, this time guided by the images to help eliminate what's left of the infection.

How does radiography work?

Dr. Tran uses radiography to allow her to see inside your teeth. Radiography produces images that are similar to X-rays. They can show small details within your tooth that can indicate where an infection is located. If a root canal begins to show signs of failing, Dr. Tran can use the radiography images to find out why.

Once she has identified the source of the problem, she can choose to perform another root canal. She also has the option of performing an apicoectomy that entails removing the end of the root and drawing the infection out that way. Both procedures are highly effective, and Dr. Tran has several years of experience performing each one.

What can be done to ensure the procedure won't fail a second time?

You may not need a root canal if Dr. Tran can help control the infection in other ways. Once the first root canal has been performed, she may offer you a strong antibiotic as a means of fighting the infection from the inside out. The antibiotic will support the immune system in helping to destroy the infection and prevent it from spreading.

You may also be asked to reduce your sugar intake. The bacteria that cause most types of infections feed off of sugar. If you eat sugary foods, the bacteria in your mouth can thrive, resulting in a more acute infection.